Price Rules
Price rule allow your customers different prices depending on the user role of your customer. It helps to determine the price of the product depending on the user's role for all products, or by the us

1. Set price discount for all products by user role

You can settings it in Dashboard -> User -> Role For Whole Sale. You can choose a percentage discount or a value discount. You setting complete, all products belonging to that user role will be applied a percentage discount or the value.
For example, in a user account with a User Role of the Whole Sale, 20% off, then all products purchased by a user with a User Role as the Whole Sale will receive a 20% discount.

2. Set price for each product with user role

You can set in each product with each User Role a different price. When purchasing the minimum quantity, different prices apply. This encourages your customers to buy more.
You can settings it in Dashboard -> Products -> add new or edit product. you find tab setting Price by Role.